Actionable Healthcare Insights

Revenue cycle solutions that provide clarity for effective decision making and financial goal achievement.

Nimble technology that learns, continuously adds value, and evolves with your business according to your needs.

VIDEXA brings disparate healthcare data sets together into one consolidated environment.VIDEXA Healthcare Dashboards are your solution for managing your health data at scale.VIDEXA healthcare dashboards can help you manage your health data at scale.

Drive decision making, efficiency, effectiveness and outcomes

VIDEXA solutions provide holistic visibility into your KPIs allowing you to understand performance from multiple vantage points.​ Our solutions and tools enable you to immediately act upon and address identified issues by translating the insights gained into action.​

The capability to manage data at scale makes it easier for healthcare organizations to improve patient experience, surface insights, drive operational efficiency, reduce costs and administrative burden, and collaborate effectively, all while helping support end-to-end security, compliance, and interoperability of data.

VIDEXA Healthcare Dashboards  help drive better health outcomes

Leverage data in a transformational way

'Close the loop'

Enable data to flow in real-time through every point of care and ensure that nothing is lost in the process in order to improve efficiency, effectiveness and positive outcomes.

Empower team collaboration

Accelerate your team’s ability to join forces, coordinate and share information in a secure environment while simplifying complex workflows.

Improve insights and become proactive

VIDEXA solutions and tools leverage AI/ML to predict future outcomes, while real-time data and alerts can help you solve complex challenges in an automated and proactive way.

Protect health information and improve compliance

Protect sensitive health data to support privacy and security while managing evolving compliance requirements.

Advanced analytics opportunities

New systems of insight are the next evolution of digital transformation.
By taking advantage of advances in intelligent healthcare, organizations can dramatically improve business outcomes.

New systems of insight are the next evolution of digital transformation. By taking advantage of advances in intelligent healthcare, organizations can‍ dramatically improve business outcomes.

Benefits of VIDEXA Solutions

VIDEXA enables deeper insights by providing richer data analysis adhering to the high-security governance standards surrounding healthcare data.

Through a deep understanding of the Healthcare Industry and the application of technology, we build solutions that ultimately help our customers meet their goals.

Reduce administrative burden for physicians, nurses and revenue cycle office staff with process automation and tools
Ease information overload with better and familiar user experience and targeted metrics
Accelerate insights and decision making while real-time data and alerts
Quickly recognize shifts of encounter payor mixes to re-allocate staffing responsibilities​
Actionable revenue cycle intelligence from insightful metrics so your teams can be proactive and act fast​
Easily identify causes of increases in Discharged Not Final Billed (DNFB) and Discharged Not Submitted to Payor (DNSP) metrics​
Effortlessly identify trends for denial rates by isolating different payors and their CARC and RARC characteristics

Healthcare Industry Challenges

Deciding how to deploy your healthcare data in the cloud is crucial yet complex.
Here are the three most important questions that healthcare organizations face.

Different departments in your organization have different data needs, so how you bring data into the cloud matters.

How are you leveraging your data within the organization?

Different departments in your organization have different contextual data needs, but all departments equally need quicker access to reliable data in order to make proactive and informed decisions. Better sightlines and forecasts can help healthcare companies prepare for shifting fronts that may have a major impact on their business. Operations and support need a centralized data hub that allows efficient, secure access to error-free, real-time data which provides the basis for advanced analytics, predictive modeling and forecasting.

Insurance claims fraud, waste, and abuse are significant issues worldwide

What % of filed claims require rework, result in denials, delayed and even lost revenue?

No longer can healthcare organizations rely on reviewing the past 30 days of claims or historical behavioral trends to determine next steps to run their business efficiently. The capability to better manage and remediate common denials in advance of submissions​ has become crucially important. The number of uncollectable denials almost doubled between 2011 and today, in an industry where 10%, or $262B, of charges are initially denied.

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) has become a regulatory requirement in the United States that went into effect in December 2020.

What have you done to address administrative burden of your clinical and back-office staff?

Until recently, the healthcare industry has focused more on solutions for patients and less on clinicians. Coming out of the pandemic, it has never been clearer that physicians and nurses, who are already tired and burned out, should not waste time on administrative tasks. Providing clinical staff with more automated processes and better ways to collaborate, leads to more efficient and satisfied doctors and nurses, happier patients, and more patient referrals.

VIDEXA can help

VIDEXA brings disparate healthcare data sets together
into one consolidated environment.